Culinary Dietetics was created and founded by Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Andrea Drew. 

Andrea started her food journey at Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s Culinary Arts Program. In this nationally recognized program, Andrea learned the foundations of American and French cuisine from Farinaceous Products and Vegetable Cookery to Advanced Garde Manger.  Andrea has since put her classically trained skills to use in several commercial kitchens.

Andrea then went on to pair her culinary certification with a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition. This was soon followed with a Master of Science in Dietetics as well as completion of her Dietetic Internship. 

This 1200 hour internship encompassed several areas of focus in the field of dietetics; from educating K-2nd grade children on eating balanced meals to calculating tube feedings for the critically-ill patients at one of the largest hospitals in the state of Kentucky. 

Andrea then passed the national registration exam earning her the credential of RDN, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. 

Andrea’s professional experience has included guest speaking at elementary and high schools for nutrition and culinary demonstrations, providing individual counseling and working with the elderly population in long-term care facilities in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Maryland. 

“Eat foods in their most whole form and in moderation. Nutrition is not as hard as we want it to be. It’s really that easy. Eat food, be happy!” 

– Andrea

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