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Created June 3rd, 2020

This Privacy Policy, henceforth referred to as “Policy”, outlines how the website of Culinary Dietetics will process, preserve, transfer, and protect your data when you visit this site. This Policy is referenced in Culinary Dietetics’ Terms of Service and is subject to these terms. The purpose of this Policy is to help the user understand what data is collected when accessing this site and how it is used. 

It is highly recommended that you read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy in their entirety as when you access and utilize this site it is assumed that you are bound to, acknowledge and agree to these Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

The founder of Culinary Dietetics, Andrea Drew, reserves the right to update, edit, or change any of the information provided in the Policy without prior notice. Please contact if you have any questions or concerns about the content in this Policy. 

Data Collected

Any personal information is voluntarily entered into the site by the user; this could include but not limited to name, email address, pictures, mailing address, billing address, credit card information, or phone number. Instances where this information may be entered could be, but is not limited to would be comments, email sign-ups, emails, surveys, product or service purchases by the user. This data is stored indefinitely.

Non-personal information is data in the form of, but not limited to IP addresses, type of device used, city of user location, type of browser, navigation history on site, content viewed, interaction in the form of clicks. This data is analyzed in a total collection manner from all users  and cannot be traced back to one individual. This information helps the website of Culinary Dietetics to be formulated to be more user friendly, tracking purposes, and third-party advertisers understand our market audience. This data is stored indefinitely.


Cookies are files that contain small amounts of data interlinked between the user’s device and web server to improve their browsing experience with content relevant to their search history. Every user usually has the option to give permission for use of cookies for any website on their chosen devices. This website does use cookies to help better target our audience with information relevant to them for a better, more enjoyable site experience. This information is only used for statistical purposes.


European Union users; you will only be enrolled within our email system if you have opted in to receive our emails. For all non-European Union users if you have opted to receive any products, services, newsletters, downloads, trainings, webinars, or free printables you will automatically be enrolled in our free email newsletter. To unsubscribe from Culinary Dietetics email newsletter, simply click the unsubscribe button at the bottom of any email sent. You will then be automatically unsubscribed and need not do anything further. 

Financial Information

Any purchases made through the website of Culinary Dietetics may be stored by PayPal, Swipe, or any other payment platform used. Please visit your selected payment platform’s website for more information or to review their Privacy Policy as well. No financial information is stored by Culinary Dietetics or it’s founder Andrea Drew.

Third Party 

Culinary Dietetics may provide links to other websites, products or services relevant to the provided content. You acknowledge and agree that Culinary Dietetics and/or it’s founder Andrea Drew will not be held responsible for the privacy and protection of any information provided whilst visiting these sites. Please review any and all other Third Party links’ Privacy Policy for specific information regarding their site and information obtained.  

Content on Culinary Dietetics may contain embedded content from other websites such as videos, articles, images, etc. This type of content enables the third party to collect information just as if the user were on that site. 

Data Recipients 

Culinary Dietetics will never use your information to send spam, unrelated offers or content. We reserve the right to share data with associated companies to manage credit card processing and email marketing systems. We may transfer data due to any seen or unforeseen reconstruction, merger, sale, or other transfer of assets. If needed, we will provide information in accordance with any legal obligations.

Data Security 

We use modest technical and administrative measures to protect data against theft, loss and unauthorized access. This includes the use of an Secure Socket Layer security certificate and only working with reputable third party companies. We will always strive to do our best at Culinary Dietetics but no system is 100% perfect. Therefore we do not guarantee the security of data provided and are not liable for resulting breaches or charges. 

Contact Information

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact Andrea Drew MS RDN LDN at 

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