Evolution Package

CD’s Evolution package is a virtual 3-month group coaching program led by a Registered Dietitian and Culinary Professional! This package includes;

Flexible Payment Options

The Evolution Program offers several different payment plans to best fit your specific needs! Apply below to receive program payment information!

Frequently Asked Questions

At this time, Culinary Dietetics is only able to accept so many clients per month. Group Coaching allows for an organized congregate discussion and encouragement. The commitment of learning lifestyle changes is easier done with a support system of peers. The Evolution Package provides live group Q&A sessions. However, clients do receive an initial solo Discovery Call, an individualized Meal Plan and have access to 1:1 messaging with RD via the app.

An Individualized Meal Plan is a complete set of meals and snacks laid out based on your specific goals and calculations. During your Discovery call, we will discuss your current lifestyle and eating habits. Combining these factors with your dietetic  anthropometrics (height, weight, BMI, body measurements, etc) and your personal weight loss goals – a completely individualized meal plan will be created for you!

All Meal Plans are completely adjustable! For every snack and meal there is an option to exchange it with a different food in that food group; i.e. if salmon is listed and you do not particularly like fish you can select to exchange this protein for chicken. The Meal Plan will automatically recalculate itself to make any adjustments based on your exchange. The possibilities are endless, by getting one meal plan you essentially have an infinite number of meal plans!

The weekly Nutrition Lifestyle Trainings are the core of the Evolution program. While Meal Plans are incredibly useful, they are only to help guide your eating habits until you learn how proper nutrition can be obtained through simple lifestyle changes. The Nutrition Trainings walk you through the different areas of essential proper nutrition knowledge and culinary techniques on how you can realistically implement these changes into your everyday life. Learn what Dietitians learn, and you’ll never have to go on a diet ever again!

The App-only Monthly Subscription is to help soften the transition at the end of the Evolution Package. While the goal of the program is for you to be able to take back control of your eating habits and weight maintenance and not have to rely solely on a meal plan – your success is our mission. The app-only monthly subscription keeps you on a meal plan for continued guidance until you feel comfortable to be on your own. You can continue with this as long as you like, and end it whenever you want. We want to see you succeed, but more importantly – be confident in your success!

This subscription also includes Free Revaluation Calls monthly. We want to make sure you are always on an appropriate meal plan, so as you reach your weight loss goals, we will adjust your meal plan accordingly.

Fill out the short application form below so we can get your Discovery call set up. This is a free consultation and does not mean you will automatically be signed up for the program. We want to answer any questions or concerns you may have and to make sure this program is a right fit for you. Apply below to get started! 

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